Most things are possible

One of the fun and useful things about original hand-drawn art is that alterations can be made. Would you like a beautiful commemorative portrait but don't have very good photos? Maybe you have a great photo but your Beastie just has one eye closed? Or the light isn't quite right? 

It can be fixed!

Whatever your Beastie is, a lot is possible, so don't let the lack of great photo's stop you getting that very special and unique gift (to yourself or others). 

A case study, see photos. A client wanted a portrait of their late, much beloved cat. However, they wanted their best photo drawn in a frame, but they only had a photo of the frame, with another photo of the cat in it. I combined the frame with the good photo, the clients were delighted!

Framed cat_edited_edited.jpg


It’s really important to send me good quality photos when you’re commissioning a pet portrait - they allow me to see all the detail I need to create a beautiful pet portrait and get a good likeness. 

The photos you send don’t need to be professional quality - photos taken with your mobile phone are totally fine. You can send me multiple photos - this is for me to get a good feel for the pet’s character. At least 1 photo should be something you think would make a good portrait, and should meet the criteria set out below. 

The photos:

  • It is all in the eyes, make sure the eye(s) are viseable and reflect the light.

  • Take in natural light - this means I can see accurate fur/scale/feather direction and colouring of your pet, and photos taken in natural light generally show more crisp detail.

  • In focus. This really goes without saying, but I do get sent a lot of blurry photos! If it is al you have, we will make it work for example for commemorative work.

  • Taken from a front-facing angle, looking at your pet on their level.

  • The highest resolution possible. If you are sending photos straight from your phone, you are sometimes asked what file size you want to send. Always choose the largest size - this means I can zoom in to see all the details I need.

  • Something you feel would make a good portrait. Have a think about what you’d like the portrait to look like - should it show the pet’s whole body, or just their head & neck? Do you want them to be in a certain position? Is there a certain way they like to sit, or stand? 

FLR snip.GIF

I can have your drawing professionally scanned so you can use your digital drawing for some fun art work. 

Give your Beastie a Santa Hat for Christmas cards, or a tweed cap for sporting notelets.

Perhaps add some balloons for a Birthday Invite? The possibilities are endless and enhance the joy and the investment of a bespoke drawing even further.